Icon is a word that comes from the Greek (éikon) meaning "image" and is a "sign of God's presence" it is a term that etymologically refers to the idea of "appearing" and "being similar" to an ideal image, to something that goes beyond the dimension of the real, it is an open door to the world of the sacred and Byzantine culture What is worshipped is what the icon represents, that is, the spiritual journey that accompanies us on our journey of faith and spiritual growth. In Eastern culture it is an expression of a profound truth of faith; it is a tool for getting to know God, Jesus, Mary and the saints and is given the same importance and value as the sacred scriptures. We can identify the icons in three main themes: that of the Madonna and Child, that of the Holy Family, and that of Jesus and the Saints or according to their historical and geographical origin (Greek icons, Orthodox icons, Romanian icons, Russian icons) The icons are usually executed on wooden boards of different types (cypress, walnut, oak, pine) with high quality techniques, on which precious images are reproduced Suitable for an original gift idea, on the occasion of a birth, a baptism or a wedding. Besides being an 'appreciated work of art, it accompanies for life the loved one to whom it is given. Such a gift will never be forgotten or lost, as it provides an opportunity to show care and love toward those nearest and dearest to us, as well as to express high esteem for friends

SERIGRAPHED ICON: silkscreen on canvas with colored background executed on aged and hand-finished wooden board (mixed techniques)

LITHOGRAPHED ICON: lithography on wood (printing technique) a matrix is therefore used on a plane

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