Jubilee 2025

Jubilee, also known as the Holy Year, has deep religious significance in the Catholic tradition, dating back more than 700 years. The concept of Jubilee derives from biblical traditions, particularly the Book of Leviticus, where a special year of remission is described as being celebrated every 50 years, dedicated to rest, remission of debts, release of slaves and restitution of land.

In the Catholic context, the Jubilee is a time of great forgiveness and mercy, an opportunity for the faithful to renew their faith and receive great spiritual graces. Here are some key aspects of the religious significance of the Jubilee:

Forgiveness and Reconciliation

Jubilee is a time when the Church places special emphasis on forgiveness of sins and reconciliation with God. The faithful are offered the opportunity to make a pilgrimage to sacred places and to pass through the Holy Door, a symbol of Jesus Christ, the "door" through which salvation is accessed. Passing through the Holy Door during the Holy Year is a gesture charged with spiritual significance, symbolizing a passage, a leaving behind of the past and a renewed commitment to faith.


During the Jubilee, the Church grants special indulgences, which are ways through which the faithful can receive remission of the temporal penalty due for sins already forgiven. Indulgences can be obtained through acts of faith, prayer and works of mercy, following specific conditions set by the Church.

Unity and Solidarity

The Jubilee is also a time of unity and solidarity within the universal Church. The faithful are encouraged to live more intensely in communion with God and with their brothers and sisters in Christ through prayer, participation in the sacraments and works of charity. It is an opportunity to strengthen the sense of belonging to the Church and to promote peace and justice in the world.

Reflection and Spiritual Renewal

Finally, the Jubilee invites the faithful to deep personal and communal reflection on their faith life. It is a time to renew one's commitment to following Christ, deepen one's understanding of the Gospel and live out Christian principles more fervently.

Jubilee 2025, under the pontificate of Pope Francis, promises to be an event of great spiritual significance, with an emphasis on mercy, care for the poor and the importance of dialogue and encounter between different cultures and religions. It will be an opportunity for the faithful around the world to have a profound experience of faith, hope and charity.

Jubilee 2025 in Rome is a highly anticipated event, both by the faithful from around the world and from other faiths. It will be the second Jubilee under the pontificate of Pope Francis, following the Extraordinary Jubilee of 2015. The Jubilee is considered a special year of grace in the Catholic Church, offering the faithful the opportunity to receive special blessings and indulgences.

  • Official Website: The official Jubilee 2025 website (iubilaeum2025.va) offers detailed information about the event, including preparations and related initiatives such as the Jubilee Walks inside Rome and the Jubilee Hymn.

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